Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Chipmunk Has Left the Building

Our dog has an obsession with chipmunks. This year the chipmunk population has exploded. It seems as if there are thousands of chipmunks.

Yesterday, when I took Crazy Dog for a walk, a chipmunk raced across the ground. Dog nearly yanked my arm off trying to get it; it raced up the apple tree and into the hollow trunk. Dog stuck his nose up into the hollow trunk and refused to move, no matter how hard I pulled on the leash.
He snuffed and snorted, breathing in chipmunk aroma, while I watched the chipmunk escape out of an opening above and run off into the higher branches. Crazy Dog scratched, sniffed, shoved his head into the hole as far as it would go, and finally, in frustration, he BIT the tree!

But the chipmunk was long gone.

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