Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I have been trying to charge ahead and sew projects and not worry too much about whether or not they are perfect. I have a tendency to overthink, to want to get everything just right, but that results in constantly running to the bookshelf or the Internet to look up a technique again, or no sewing happening at all because I don't feel confident, or never cutting into the "good" fabric because it might get ruined.

My new mantra - A completed article of clothing with some errors is GOOD. Can't be worse than ready-to-wear. (That is so true!)

So my latest project, nearly done, is a pair of shorts! The Sweet Shorts from Pattern Runway. I am making them in linen that I have had sitting around for a long time. At this point, they are done except for the hem bands. I made welt pockets! I put in an invisible zipper! I adjusted them to fit my shape! (Well, they have turned out a little big, but I tend to like my clothing loose anyways.) Here's a not-very-good photo. Feel free to gasp in awe at those awesome pockets! That clean finish!

(I'm going to have to work on my photo skills.) However, I am very proud of these shorts, and I hope I don't mess them up on this final step. I did manage to use the wrong pattern piece to make the welt pockets, cut the wrong pieces out for the front pockets several times, and sewed them together backwards - yet I didn't give up!

I have been trying to do a little sewing each evening after work. It means that I make more progress, and I feel more free to do something fun on a Saturday rather than wanting a block of time for creative projects. However, after a long day at work I am tired and fuzzy-headed, so I make a lot of mistakes and take a long time figuring out the instructions. And I pick out a lot of seams after sewing them wrong. These instructions were definitely not easy to follow, and I have now marked them up heavily for the next time I make some. The fit on these is fantastic, the styling is nice, and the pockets really work. I might make up another pair right away, while I still remember the details, and might follow the suggestion of another maker who was contemplating lengthening the legs to turn them into trousers.

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  1. You conquered the pockets, I'm so proud of you!